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Grow your business with flexible and secure credit card processing options. We approve high risk merchant accounts!

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Dependable Credit Card Processor

Just like rebar reinforcing concrete structures, a successful business is built on a solid payment management solution. Rebar Payments provides payment processing that helps you better service your customers and get paid on-time.

Point-of-Sale & Mobile

We can connect your favorite payment system to nearly any processing account. If you need a new point-of-sale or mobile payment system, we offer the latest in merchant equipment and technology.

Virtual Terminals

Manage all of your in-person and online transactions using a centralized account. Use multiple credit card terminals and integrate with your shopping cart without having to pay for additional users.

QuickPay Checkout

QuickPay offers speed and convenience for your customers by allowing them to quickly complete low-dollar purchases without waiting for signatures or PINs to be processed.

Don’t Sweat It

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Have you been categorized as a “high risk” business in the merchant service industry? We’ve got you covered. We specialize in helping you get approved for a merchant account with affordable credit card processing so you can get back to running your business!

High Risk Credit
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Processing Payments

Flexible Payment Tools

Our versatile equipment options provide you with the flexibility to accept credit cards in the office, over the phone, or on the go. Interested in contactless payment options? We now provide NFC for payments! 

Industries Served

Tailored Payment Processing

Rebar Payments provides solutions for a variety of industries, including automative, contractors, online stores, and industries categorized as “high risk“. Contact us for more information about tailored payment options your industry.






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Food & Beverage

High Risk

Reinforce Your Business with Rebar Payments

Cash is no longer king.  Expand your customer reach and simplify payment management with tailored credit card processing.


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