Payment Processor Solutions

Rebar Payments specializes in credit card processing solutions for a variety of industries, including those categorized as “high risk“. Accepting credit cards allows your business to significantly expand your customer base and not miss a sale. We are dedicated to providing payment processor options and resources that simplify payments and enable you to better service your customers by accepting preferred payment methods.

Mobile Payment Processing

Accept Credit Card Purchases On the Go

Mobile payments are quickly becoming the preferred credit card processing solution. Our Bluetooth enabled and plugin credit card payment processor readers work in conjunction with your smartphone or tablet device. Secure more transactions with the ability to take payments anywhere. Interested in contactless payment solutions? Ask about out NFC for payment options!

Point-of-Sale Systems

Use Your Preferred Payment Processor System

We can connect your favorite point-of-sale system to nearly any processing account. Save time and let us manage the upload of your products and services to your point-of-sale system.

Integrate with your preferred gateway

Accept all of the latest payment options

Centralized Platform

Manage Transactions in a Virtual Terminal

Manage all of your in-person and online transactions using a centralized account. Store credit card information, using secure tokenization, so you can quickly reference client’s credit card information for future transactions.

Add unlimited users at no additional cost

Access recurring and installation payments

QuickPay Checkout Services

Automatically Approve Customer Purchases

QuickPay offers speed and convenience for your customers by allowing them to quickly complete low-dollar purchases without waiting for signatures or PINs to be processed.

We Provide the Payment Processor Resources You Need to Get Started

Rebar Payments offers advanced credit card processing equipment from leading brands, including Poynt and Ingenico. We will work with you to identify the best device(s) to meet the ongoing needs of your business. We also provide and ongoing support and resources.

Reinforce Your Business with Rebar Payments

Cash is no longer king.  Expand your customer reach and simplify payment management with tailored credit card processing.


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Enhanced Service

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